We believe that a company, any company, should concentrate on creating value for their customers.

Sadly, we see that many companies invest time and money into financial compliance that, although important and necessary, is often nothing more than a sizable expense. We want to help shift these costs by optimizing and automating compliance processes and concentrating on creating value.

This is what we do and we do it well.

Robby & Bobby?

Oh my, that’s a weird name for a financial services company!

Well, it is a story of two brothers, who had the same mother but different fathers. Robby was the numbers guy, he made sure to have everything under control and never make any mistakes. Bobby was the creative type. He wanted to explore new possibilities, try things out. Needless to say the brothers did not get along too well. Until one day their mother had had enough and told the boys to take a trip together and work things out.

They traveled far and wide and nothing seemed to reconcile their differences. Every decision had to be a fight. One day they encountered a tight-rope walker named Alex, who was very sad because he was sick and thus unable to perform. The brothers agreed to help out. First, Robby took on the rope. He, eyes on the rope, walked the rope flawlessly, but the crowd was bored. Then it was Bobby’s turn. He decided to try something new. The crowd oohd and aahd as he tried to balance on the rope but plunged, head over heels, into the net.

“The key to success is balance”, said Alex “You have to obey the rules and be creative and fun at the same time. If you choose only one, it will either turn out boring and uninspired or clumsy and painful, which is, essentially, the same thing.”

From that day on Robby and Bobby divided all tasks among themselves. Robby worked on things that needed absolute precision and Bobby took on tasks that depended on a curious mind, finding new ways to do things. Before long, Robby and Bobby were happy doing what they loved, the tight-rope artist was happy because there is no medicine stronger than motivation, but most happy of all was the mother.

Well, it’s either that or the branding agency made us do it.
You Decide.

Our Team

Krista Teearu

Krista Teearu

partner, responsible for service development and marketing.

Krista has experience in accounting over 20 years. Last 11 years, until 2017, she worked as group chief accountant in big groups (Magnum, Transferwise).

In Robby&Bobby she works with marketing, service development, client development projects and resolving complicate accounting/tax topics.

Krista loves numbers and writing. She has written several e-books and she is blogging in about enterpreneurship&finance (sorry, only in Estonian).

Margus Tammeraja

Margus Tammeraja

partner, responsible for IT-development

Margus has 30 years of experience in automation of accounting, especially using new technologies for optimization of business processess. Focus has shifted from traditional accounting to CRM, business analytics and e-invoices.

His purpose in Robby&Bobby is to find and create best combination from existing technical solutions and to create new solutions.

Margus has always 100 things going on. If he does not take part of some important meeting, then he is in his magnificent summer cottage or hiking in mountains.

Margit Aalberg

Margit Aalberg

chief accountant

Margit worked before as chief accountant, in two big companies.

Margit has level 6 accountant sertification, her responsibility in Robby&Bobby is to lead team of accountants – everyday work arrangements, data control and reporting.

Margit loves to travel with her family and to discover new places.

Getli HaranGetli Haran

financial manager for clients

Getli has level 6 accountant sertification and 15 years of experience in accountancy. Getli works with onboarding of clients, including digitalisation of document circulation and creating connections between different programs. Getli performs also several financial management services – development plans, budgeting, developing cost accounting systems, reporting, consultations.

Our accounting team

Evelin Allvee and Kadi Mets are our senior accountants. Both have work experience in accountancy over 10 years and they have level 6 accounting sertification.

Our junior accountants Marilin Küttner and Eve Malva, assistants Tiina Juss and Marje Tamm work with Evelin and Kadi. Marilin, Eve and Tiina have level 5 accounting sertification.
Kerli Altmart takes care for our smaller clients.