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We are not merely accountants. We are business coaches who collaborate with our clients to bring them more money, more time and less worry.

Our most successful clients work closely with us to take control of their future by planning and coaching, all backed up with accurate accounting and tax services. Together we set and achieve goals to add fantastic value to the business and greatly improve their lifestyles.

Robby&Bobby is a modern accountancy practice with a focus on helping small and middle-size business owners to develop their businesses and achieve their goals.

Delivering a high-quality, efficient compliance service is just one part of that.  Helping our clients to develop, improve and grow their business is the next natural step. Our Financial Management offerings are practical and tangible services that create long term value for clients.

Finance management services include:

The Complimentary Client Review

As a valued client, you will receive at least one Complimentary Client Review (CCR). In fact, this is an annual event for a number of our clients. CCR is an opportunity for you to set and review your goals and to give you clarity about the actions you need to take to achieve these goals. It also stimulates strategic discussion and identifies burning issues, opportunities and challenges so that you can respond effectively. And of course, it is an opportunity for us to find out, how we can help you more.

Proactive Accounting Meeting

If you feel need to improve your business performance and financial results but don’t feel that you are being supported enough by your current accountant – give us a call. We’ll arrange a complimentary Proactive Accounting Meeting to review your unique situation and discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

During the meeting we’ll identify your burning issues, opportunities and potential tax efficiencies, and establish goals and strategies to achieve them.

As a follow-up, if necessary, we’ll prepare a proposal for services, with all costs priced upfront, whether this be strictly for Financial Management work and/or compliance accounting.

Cashflow Management

Cashflow planning is best practice in any business and critical to survival and growth. Our Cashflow Management service is designed to help you improve your Cash Conversion Cycle and maximise your cashflow. This enables you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business.

Managing cashflow is all about your business processes. After preparing a Cashflow Forecast, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your processes and identify any potential causes for poor cashflow so that we can treat the underlying issues.

We’ll meet with you on a quarterly basis to monitor, analyse and adjust your key cashflow drivers. Acting as your accountability coach, we’ll help you to set annual goals and devise a 90 Day Action Plan to ensure you implement improvement strategies for maximum results.

Budgeting and reporting

We help you to create budget and we will prepare your monthly managerial report, which enables you to follow actual results vs budget and to understand differences. In this way you can make fast changes in your business.

Cost accounting

If you sell different goods or services and you want to improve your profitability, you have to understand profitability of different directions. To achieve this target, you need to split all sales and costs between your projects. We help you to set up the system and add project reporting to your monthly management reporting.

Business Planning

A great Business Planning process gets to the heart and soul of your business. Upon completion of pre-work we’ll have a greater understanding of your vision and core values in order to facilitate a four hour planning session to help you create a clear two-page Business Plan. One page is short version of classical Business Plan and second page is your action plan.

The outcome of this service is to identify and prioritise goals, both short term and long term, create strategies to achieve your goals, enable you to review actual performance against targets and establish a 90 Day Action Plan to address immediate and critical issues.

Most important fact – this process enables to eliminate one of the most common factors in business – procrastination.

Monthly or quarterly Financial Coaching

As a business owner you can at times feel alone and unsupported, spending little time working on your business and trapped in day to day technical details. Our Monthly or Quarterly Financial Coaching service provides you with increased accountability and support so that you can achieve the desired results from your business.

The outcome includes increased profitability and cash flow, customised reporting templates to measure actual performance against forecasts and access to an expert sounding board to ensure you continue working towards your goals.

Whether your business needs guiding through a major change or you simply wish to have regular contact with a trusted coach, we are glad to help you!

These are powerful Financial Management services that provide immense value and clarity.

Contact us today to come to a Proactive Accounting Meeting!

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