Streamline & automate your financial compliance tasks

You need an accountant who understands you and your business.

Your accounting and taxation need to be taken care of and even more. We are here to help you to grow your business and to find more time to do the things you really like.

Your mandatory part – done!

We will take care of your mandatory part of accounting:

  • document and bank transactions registration
  • tax declarations
  • annual report

You will get access to your data and reporting in an online accounting program and all questions will be always answered.
When you need more thorough counselling, you can get it also – either by additional financial management service or by consultation according to hourly fee.
You can sleep peacefully, because everything is under control – and during work day you can concentrate on your business development.

Only web-based programs and records management

No paper documents – all records management is electronic.
We use only web-based programs this means that you have always access to everything.

We are here for you

We’ll get to know you and your business and we are here to help you.  We speak in plain language – taxation and accounting rules can be pretty complicated.  We break it down to you so that you can understand your business finances.

You can be at ease, knowing that all required compliance work is done and under control. You can run your business safely, knowing that all necessary financial knowledge and skills are always at your disposal.

Simple monthly payments

We keep it simple. We tell you exactly what we are doing for you and you’ll know exactly how much it costs. No unpleasant surprises.

Our prices

We will make a personal offer of course. Below you can see examples of our price levels and price formation logic.

Starting packages

When you have just started your company and it has no VAT-registration yet, your monthly fee for compliance accounting will be 79 euros per month.

Beginning price for small company with VAT registration is 129 euros per month.

If you have e-commerce shop or you sell in Amazon, your starting price will be 179 euros per month.

If you know that your real sales will be delayed, we can agree on delaying the start of our service or discount for some months.

What happens next?

Your company grows – this means more documents and more work. We will review your monthly fee quarterly.

When you grow and are not a beginner any more, your monthly accounting fee will be approximately ca 1-2% of your total monthly expenses. If you sell goods, your fee % will decrease faster. It will be 1% from monthly expenses already in 20 000 euros monthly sales level and will decrease further (assuming that most work can be automated).

Hourly fee

We will ask you to pay for our time:

  1. accounting and corrections work for previous periods (meaning: before being our client)
  2. for works not in agreed scope (e.g. if you need longer consultations, one-time reports for your bank or investors, arguing with Tax authority, etc)
  3. controller, CFO and legal consultations
  4. all accounting work related to investments (e.g. real estate, loans, P2P lendings, crowdfunding etc). These works cannot be automated, contracts differ and time is almost unpredictable.

Our current hourly fee for accountants work is 55 euros, for consultation 90 euros.

VAT will be added to all prices.

Background info

Historically, for an average company (turnover ca 1-10m euros) financial expenses have been about 2% of yearly turnover.

This % is bigger for small companies, big groups are able to decrease this % to 1-1.5%.

In the beginning most of your time and money goes to compliance accounting (and usually it is enough), but when you grow, you need more “smart” finance services, like analysis, management reporting and financial management.

A serious risk for middle-sized companies can be that they do not engage “smart” finance services with their growth. In fact, the need for “smart” finance services is increasing.