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How does reporting support the achievement of goals? Part III: cash flow management

Systematic cash flow management is one of the most important prerequisites for the day-to-day operation of a company and the achievement of long-term goals. When cash flows are insufficient, this is immediately reflected in the company’s finances – there are difficulties in paying the invoices of supplies or taxes. The company’s growth is also slowing […]

Cost taxation principles required by every company

  Regardless of the field in which your company operates, you generally need to know what the taxation of costs is, i.e. what the state requires you to pay. You could also find out what the state benefits are so that you will not pay more taxes out of ignorance than you actually should. We […]

How to Find a Suitable Accountant?

Nowadays, when data entry can be increasingly automated, the accountant’s choice of how well he or she can interpret numbers, is becoming more and more decisive. While starting a business, first-hand personal advice and assurance that the accounting will be in order, is required. As your business grows you will gradually add management reporting and […]