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Quick Overview of Taxation on E-Commerce

E-commerce is a fast-growing industry both in our country and elsewhere, but taxes on e-commerce are a relatively complex subject that few people are familiar with. In order to keep e-commerce accounting accurate, you need to know how to calculate taxes and in which countries you pay taxes. This, in turn, depends on what your […]

11 Basics with Exceptions You Should Know about VAT

VAT is an indirect tax on consumption that is levied on the turnover of goods and services. In Estonia, a company is required to register for VAT if its sales turnover exceeds € 40,000 per calendar year. In addition to our legislation, Estonian companies selling goods to other EU countries must also comply with local […]

How to Automate Your Accounting: Sale Transactions

Accounting has undergone tremendous changes in the last 30 years. Accounting on paper has practically disappeared. Going to bank office with payment orders on paper is also history. Thanks to software that can read purchase invoices and is compatible with the bank, accounting has become significantly more automated, with a significant reduction in accounting time. […]